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For US and European deliveries, we source original left-hand drive donor trucks from Western Africa. We can also source right-hand drive trucks for Great Britain and Australia. All of the mechanical and reconstruction is managed by Vision Defenders in South Africa and completed in the United States (or your home country) depending upon the particular need of each individual truck. Vision Defenders takes on full responsibility for importing, shipping, transportation, and registration of each vehicle. At the time of purchase, our customers receive a certificate of registration in their respective country and receipt of the transaction.



The Re-birth stage begins with the deconstruction of each vehicle. All Vision Defenders are completely reconstructed by hand. During this 1,000-hour process, we completely dismantle the vehicle down to the original frame which is galvanized and fortified to ensure it lasts a lifetime. Every part of the donor vehicle is replaced or reconditioned to like new condition.



Our most sought Vision Defenders are powered with LS3 and LT4 high-performance Corvette engines from General Motors. The LS3 and LT4 powered trucks have 450 to 650 horsepower and are mated to automatic transmissions. This updated approach creates the ultimate high-powered performance truck for urban or wild environments. In addition to the LS3 and LT4 drivetrains, we offer original 3.5-liter V-8 gasoline and 300 TDI Turbo Diesel-powered engines with manual transmissions. Our transmissions receive all new synchros and bearings. Our engines are completely rebuilt with the newest upgrades in technology including higher-performance pistons and new turbochargers with enlarged intercoolers.



Each vehicle is delivered with modern luxuries. The seats and dashboard are handstitched and upholstered in German leather. The floor is extensively soundproofed to reduce road noise and covered by European wool carpet. Additional modern luxuries include state-of-the-art audio, GPS, rear & side-view cameras, air conditioning, power windows, next-generation instrument clusters, and many more updates.

The exterior is disassembled and receives a state-of-the-art, basecoat/clearcoat finish inside and out, top to bottom using only the finest materials. Our colors are unique and proprietary to Vision Defenders. The side rails, rear and front bumpers, LED light bars, and grills are perfectly mounted on each vehicle. Exterior roll bars are built into the frame. The outcome is a one-of-a-kind Defender that is powerful, beautiful, and safe.



We are dedicated to the quality and detail of our finished Defenders. Throughout the build process, a quality control program guarantees a flawless result for each Vision Defender. To further qualify our vehicles, each Defender goes through a third party certification prior to being shipped from South Africa. One certification provides a review of the mechanics, while the second certification inspects the finishes and paint. Lastly, upon arrival at the vehicle’s destination, each Vision Defender goes through a minimum of 250 miles of road testing to assure you receive a perfect bespoke truck.


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